Initial Consultations:

Individual: $180.00/1 ½ hour

Couples: $240.00/2 hours

Triple C parenting: $240.00/2 hours 

Treatment Session:

Individual: $120.00/hour

Couples: $180.00/1 ½ hour

Triple C parenting: $180.00/1 1/2 hours

Psychological evaluations for Immigration:

Clinical consultation $240.00/2 hour + report $360.00

About Insurance:

To protect your privacy and your confidentiality and to ensure that therapy is in your hands, and not in the insurance’s power, Dr. Urquizu provides services in private.  This way you and your psychologist will be able to make decisions without external restrictions, you will make decisions about the type and duration of the treatment, and the approaches needed to be able to incorporate elements related to your culture and to keep in mind your specific needs of treatment. Another advantage is that you will be able to enjoy the psychological services without worrying about having in your record the clinical diagnostic that could affect your probabilities of getting a medical insurance in the future. The insurance requires from the psychologist a diagnoses to be able to authorize the psychological treatment. The problem is that the diagnoses enters and stays permanently in your record for life and this can create difficulties getting an insurance in the future.